Balcony Covers & Solar Shades

120.00 per sft

Balcony covers , solar shades provides insulation to your outdoor spaces helps minimize winds, glare and rain exposure, it also reduces warmth in summer and maintains warmth in winter season.

Rs.120/- per sft.

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Balcony covers solar shades gives protection to your open air spaces limits winds, glare and rain presentation, it additionally lessens warmth in summer and keeps up warmth in winter season.

Living in India, you realize that warmth is a colossal issue when you purchase shades and blinds for your windows. For most Indians, the objective is to purchase window ornaments and blinds that can hinder the daylight and the warmth that comes inside the house. You keep the shades and blinds close for the vast majority of the day, and you don’t get the chance to appreciate the full roomy overhang space in your home which makes your home feel stuffy and hot. Going out in the gallery is a ‘No chance’ circumstance since they resemble broiling stoves from all the warmth. NO MORE!

Unik Industries has a straightforward answer for your overhang warming issue. Unik Industries offers gallery covers intended to cut off 80 percent warmth and pieces hurtful UV beams that come into your home. Our overwhelming obligation sun control gallery screen can reflect, ingest and even scatter warmth and light before it enters your homes. The outcome is extensive gallery space, 80 percent less warmth and a cool house. That implies less AC utilize and up to 32 percent off on your power charge.


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