Liberti makes everyday life a joy with ideas that have been making life at home and Construction / Work Sites simpler and easier for more than 10 years.

Stepping stools(Ladders) makes regular day to day existence a delight with thoughts that have been making life at home and Construction/Work Sites less complex and less demanding for over 10 years. Unik Ladders have been planned with novel security and useful elements keeping the client use in core interest.

Ventures with additional wide hostile to slide treads, Slip safe wellbeing shoes, Pail-shelf’s and Utility tops for holding instruments and paint embellishments are quite recently a few cases of our client driven Engineering.

Liberti Ladders arrive in a scope of load bearing limits in Aluminum and Fiber Glass choices. Come, encounter our items and make the best strides towards wellbeing with decision.

  • Perfect For Chores around the House
  • Tubular development, makes this stepping stool light weight and takes into account minimal capacity
  • Aluminum overlaps down utility plate for apparatuses and paint adornments
  • Vast agreeable Slip safe Platform
  • Elastic Slip safe Safety feet

Series 100

100 series

104, 105, 106, 107, 108


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