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Mosquito Mesh in Delhi for Windows and doors :

Who We Are,

Mosquito Mesh in Delhi for windows and doors in Delhi is focused on one goal: providing high-quality Made-in-Delhi mosquito Mesh at affordable prices to DIY customers.

Our company was started in 2012 after searching online for mosquito mesh for windows and doors for my parents’ patio. Local hardware and home improvement stores did not have mosquito Mesh large enough for a patio and an online company quoted me a very huge amount for ready-to-hang patio curtains.

Buying a expensive mosquito mesh was more than my parents’ mortgage payment, I set about finding a way to bring affordable, durable Made-in-Delhi mosquito mesh to middle-class consumers like my parents.

In May 2012, I dropped out of college and started Mosquito Mesh Delhi and my team and I have been working hard ever since!

Through great prices, excellent customer service, and pre-order and post-order customer support, we have brought happiness to over 9,000 customers in Hyderabad and we are excited to show YOU why our products and service are rated 5 STARS.

About This Mosquito Mesh

If you are thinking about screening in your porch, patio, gazebo, or pergola or are thinking about making your own DIY mosquito curtains, thenĀ THIS is the mosquito Mesh for you!

Designed, milled, dyed and cut right here in Delhi, our Heavy-Duty Mosquito mosquito Mesh is superior to every type of mosquito mosquito Mesh found online or in stores. The mosquito mesh is made of 100% marine-grade polyester and is solution-dyed in fade-resistant black dye with no harmful chemicals.

When you order a panel, you can use it however you like! The meshing is completely customizable and is made using a unique lock-stitch weaving technology that actually locks every cross stitch with the previous stitch. What does that mean? It means that you can trim any edge of the mosquito Mesh and leave it as is without worrying about it fraying or tearing apart from the raw edge. The mosquito Mesh panels also have no finished edges or seams so you can use any side as the top, bottom, or side.

The mosquito Mesh has 290 holes per sq inch (about the same as your window screens) and allows for 85% airflow because you want your mosquito Mesh to block bugs and debris, not the breeze! Milled at a weight of 450 denier, you also will not be able to tear this mosquito Mesh apart with your bare hands. Trust us, you can give this mosquito Mesh to the strongest person you know and then enjoy watching them struggle to tear it apart.

With overĀ 9,000 happy customers, some of whom have been using the same heavy-duty mosquito Mesh since we first sold it to them in 2012 (SIX YEARS!), you know you can put your trust and peace of mind in this mosquito Mesh for your project. We are so confident in our mosquito Mesh that if you order it and don’t love it, we will pay for your return shipping and offer a 100% money back refund!

If you have ANY questions about this mosquito Mesh, be sure to contact our team and we will be so happy to help you find the right solution for your project.

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