mosquito mesh dealers in Hyderabad

Mosquito Mesh Dealers in Hyderabad

Mosquito Mesh Dealers in Hyderabad

Making your home free from Mosquitoes, Flies and Insects……mosquito mesh dealers in Hyderabad

About Us

We, Unikneeds Mosquito Mesh dealers in Hyderabad, started our business in the year 2004. We are the first people to introduce mosquito mesh dealers in Hyderabad to offer quality products and have become one of the most trusted manufacturers, exporters, importers and suppliers of mosquito mesh, Screens and Retractable Roller System for existing Windows and Doors.

We are expertise in designing insects screens, which can be installed over the Windows and Doors to restrict unwanted entry of mosquitoes and insects. In pursuit of excellence, we always perform product development in close interaction with the market and ensure that our products meet the specific requirements of the customers. Our team of product development is on continual mission to review the existing products and improve/substitute them with superior alternatives as available.

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Our Products

Our low cost production techniques and streamlined production process ensure products at the most affordable rates to the customers. Our premium quality products include: 

Advantages of  the Product

Magnetic Insect Screens
Magnetic net are custom-made to existing Window and Door . They form a complete seal around your window using  magnetic strips, it is installed without using any nails on the window frame.  By using magnetic net there is no rankle or sag in the net Magnetic net’s exclusive “Snapback Action” makes opening and closing your windows easier.
These environment friendly screens are an extremely affordable option. Magnetic nets are easily fitted and removed, making it simple to clean both the window and the screen.

Magnetic Insect Screen (With Stainless steel mesh)

This product is made with stain less steel mesh which is called SeeVee made with 0.2 wire thickness. This has higher transparency level compare to fiber glass mesh and an advantage of avoiding rat/squirrel bites.

Retractable Roller System for existing Windows and Doors

The Retractable Roller system can be installed on the existing Windows and the Doors.  It saves space ,it is easy to operate and it has self cleaning brush to remove dust from the net. The fiber glass mesh does not cut more than 10% light & air.

The mesh is very strong and there is no static charge on the mesh and can be vacuumed for easy cleaning/ cleaning with wet sponge. All the casings surface of the roller system are  Anodized up to 15 microns.

There is felts used for noise reduction when system is in use felt brushes are used for holding the mesh in the top, bottom, and  sides for the mesh to hold. The plastic components are designed and manufactured for ever lasting.

Our Quality

Being in this trade, quality is of paramount importance to us. We adhere to strict quality checks at each and every manufacturing stage. Right from the procurement of raw material fabrication and insulation. Continuous deliberate efforts are being made for improvement of materials, technology, product up gradation and equipment to give the best quality product at the most affordable prices. We also lay special emphasis on the procurement of raw materials sourced only from noted and reputed vendors.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure enables us to run our business operations efficiently and effectively. We possess a production unit consisting of modern machines including cut-off machines, ceiling machines, working hand tools, etc. skilled workers and qualified team of professionals, who together enable the company to build a reputed standing in the global market. Led by an efficient and quality conscious management.
Reach Us :
1-2-365/9, Phool Bagh, Gagan Mahal, Domalguda,
Hyderabad, Telangana – 500029.

Phone Numbers
040 – 6668 1689 +91 90320 35689, 90320 65689, 90320 31919

Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 8 PM
mosquito mesh dealers in hyderabad
Protect your family and your self from Dengue & Malaria :
mosquito mesh dealers in hyderabad

Dengue remains the main threat to public health despite decades of control efforts made. It is a devastating disease that threatens productivity and economy of india. There were over 214 million new cases of malaria and Dengue worldwide in 2017 and approximately 438,000 malaria and Dengue deaths. It constitutes over 10 % of Asia’s overall disease burden, accounting for 40 % of public health expenditure, 30–50 % of in-patient hospital admissions and up to 50 % of out-patient visits in india. mosquito mesh dealers in hyderabad

Over the last century, efforts have been made to control dengue. Among the new advances in the control of dengue is the use of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs), now mostly long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs). ITNS are known to kill mosquitoes and have proven repellent properties that reduce the number of mosquitoes that enter the house. They are estimated to be twice as effective as untreated nets and offer greater than 70 % protection compared with no nets. mosquito mesh dealers in hyderabad

In the past decade, dengue incidence has fallen by at least 50 percent in one-third of the countries where the disease is endemic. These gains have been made through a combination of interventions, including timely diagnosis and treatment using reliable tests and anti-malarial drugs; indoor spraying with safe insecticides; and the use of mosquito mesh to protect people from mosquito bites at night. mosquito mesh dealers in hyderabad

Mosquito net ownership is far from universal use despite the aforementioned gains. Ownership rates remain low in many dengue regions or amongst particular groups in dengue regions. Further more, mosquito net ownership in itself is not synonymous with utilization. Also ownership is not the only obstacle to achieving the reduction in dengue morbidity and mortality associated with mosquito mesh use. Rather, individuals who own (or who have available) mosquito nets must use them in order for the potential health impact to be fully realized. The main strategies for dengue prevention in india are intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) for pregnant women and vector control through the use of Mosquito Mesh especially for pregnant women and under-five children. Mosquito Mesh purchase have been in existence in households in india since 2003 following the government Declaration in 2000. Mosquito Mesh are also being sold in the country to help poor pregnant women during antenatal clinics (ANC) while the rest of the community members obtain their own Mosquito Mesh from the regional treatment units (RTU) and community treatment units (CTUs) where ITNs are re-impregnated with insecticides after regular intervals of 6 months by community relay agents (CRA), who have been trained to carry out this exercise. While challenges to increasing Mosquito Mesh ownership may diminish as a result of the expansion of large-scale distribution efforts, Mosquito Mesh impact on transmission will be minimized if they are not properly and consistently used, especially among populations vulnerable to increased dengue morbidity and mortality, such as children and pregnant. mosquito mesh dealers in hyderabad

Research design

A cross sectional survey was designed to include all children from 0–5 years and pregnant women. The respondents were given questionnaires on their knowledge on the availability, acceptability, effective use of Mosquito Mesh and the problems faced during the usage.

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